Sustainability impact management for
the digital age.

Altruistiq's SaaS platform enables large, complex enterprises to automate sustainability data measurement, management and exchange - with unparalleled accuracy and ease.

Sustainability impact measurement and management

Working together with leading companies to manage over

2 million

tonnes of CO2e

More of what is measurably good, less of what is immeasurably wrong

Easy data gathering

Integrate your systems, upload raw data and define emission reduction categories that are important to your business.

Integrate your systems for easy data gathering

Understand your precise impact

Identify specific material areas of emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 through our vast emissions calculation engine.

Identify sustainable opportunities

Identify profitable and low cost initiatives to reduce your impact through our Abatement Algorithm.

Accelerate reporting

Accelerate reporting to key standards such as CDP, TCFD and more - all in line with the GHG Protocol.

Features that save you time

Raw data ingestion

Use data in whatever format you have it. No  time wasted conforming to different data structures.


Standard connectors to key business systems to reduce data management burden.

Includes Scopes 1, 2 & 3

Understand the breakdown of your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Plug-and-play analytics

Browse, filter and visualise your data to make decision making easy.

Opportunity identification

Identify profitable, cost-effective opportunities to reduce your business' climate impact.

Automated reporting

Save time and effort with automated reporting on key standards such as CDP and TCFD.

Focus on change

We manage the data so you can manage the business. Accelerate your delivery of change.

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Enables sustainable decision making across your business

For Operation teams

Integrate your systems, upload raw data and define emissions categories important to your business.

For Strategy and Finance teams

Compare my ESG credentials to competitors and identify solutions to improve the scores.

For Product teams

Accelerate decarbonisation by managing emissions and materials at a product level.

$10B+ of revenue trusts Altruistiq to help them become climate leaders.

“Altruistiq has been critical in helping Advent measure, understand and better manage our sustainability impact.”

Justin Nuccio
Director, Advent International

“Gousto works with Altruistiq to monitor and reduce emissions from farm to fork. We've been really impressed by the team, their ambition, and how fast they've moved”

Hugh Lewis
Sustainability Lead