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June 20, 2024

Helping a leading logistics provider make real, sustainable day-to-day change

As a business focused on the immediate and tailored distribution of spare parts from agriculture to pharmaceuticals, DANX Carousel is an always-on, 24/7 business when it comes to travel and transportation. With a distribution footprint ranging from the entire Nordic region through Central Europe and into the Baltics, serving thousands of customers, DANX Carousel realised the scale of their impact reduction opportunity within their own network. And with the environment forming a critical part of their growth strategy, they set about addressing it.

Working with Altruistiq‍

DANX Carousel’s partnership with Altruistiq began in November 2021; a relationship born from DANX Carousel’s desire to curb carbon emissions and accelerate impact management across its value chain with Altrusitiq’s real-time carbon data analysis and granular measurement. Achieving this objective will be central to DANX Carousel’s decarbonisation efforts. This is where Altruistiq brings what others do not – going above carbon offsetting into abatement, generating real-world reduction insights, as a global critical approach.

Live models of improvement can only work if the level of granular data and detail is processed, managed, interpreted and shared throughout a business – and particularly to the key decision-makers, who are the ones that can truly make a difference. Accuracy is paramount to representing a company’s true emissions and informing such decisions. However, in the case of DANX Carousel, the most pressing problem to address was the analysis of large volumes of trip data (exceeding three million rows) into a high-quality carbon inventory, that could help land actionable intelligence.

“We are delighted to have embarked on this partnership with Altruistiq, which is vital in supporting both our and our clients’ sustainability objectives. Many of our clients are true sustainability leaders within their respective industries, so it is critical that we provide the accurate and validated data they need to take measurable action. - DANX Carousel group CEO, Klaus Rud Sejling

In tackling the task, Altruistiq’s abatement model consisted of:
  • Creating automated, customer-specific emissions reports. This means reporting at an unparalleled level of granularity, to identify where impact could bring value to both DANX Carousel and to individual customers. This ensured improvement could be seen across all supply and value chains.
  • Establishing GHG baselines for Scope 1 and 2 - and for supply chain Scope 3, or emissions impacted indirectly through the supply chain - across Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.
  • Enabling reports of trip-level emission calculations. These reports were shared with DANX Carousel’s primary customers, investors, and broader stakeholders

In terms of outcomes: ‍‍
  • Trip level analysis: Trips are now split specifically into leg-by-leg trips, for world-leading levels of granular value. This has helped DANX Carousel understand live emissions challenges, and they can now use this data to tackle and improve its own operations much more feasibly than by just seeing one collective figure
  • Better route optimisation: Actions implemented and informed by the gathered data have seen route optimisation and vehicle switching models become core parts of the DANX Carousel group’s business. At a day-to-day level of detail, it supports better delivery planning both with and for customers
  • Reduction goals set for real-world deliverability: with ambition and pride being a key part of the planning, there is lots of valuable insight for sharing with internal and external audiences
  • Improved control: DANX Carousel is now able to accurately track emissions reduction progress and actively establish targets and reduction initiatives
  • Enhanced proposition: DANX Carousel has enhanced its service offering with proposals now highlighting accurate emission baselines and action points.

“As well as underpinning our clients' endeavours, our partnership with Altruistiq also supports DANX Carousel in realising its ambition of becoming a recognised leader in sustainability for logistics.”
We know achieving this objective will require real change in our operations, and that’s why our partnership with Altruistiq is so important. We’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved so far and look forward to building upon this solid foundation.”
DANX Carousel group CEO, Klaus Rud Sejling

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