We are on a mission to drive positive change. Here is our roadmap for delivery.

Altruistiq pledges to champion sustainability in our own operations and beyond. We are adamant on integrating sustainability throughout everything we do. This has been a priority since our inception a year ago and continues to be critical as we grow.

Sustainability Framework

At the heart of Altruistiq lies a core set of values. These are the driving force behind our mission to improve Altruistiq's impact through our business and customers.

Building good

Ensuring rigorous and credible
management of our impact

Enriching the

The direct environmental impact of our business

Empowering our communities

The direct social impact on our employees and external communities

Enabling our customers

The impact we have through influencing our customers’ decisions and businesses

Explore our sustainability strategy

Read our sustainability strategy here

Our Responsibility

We are committed to taking responsibility for the impact of our business, whilst accelerating meaningful action to reduce our impact on the planet and its people. Our commitments and roadmap for delivery reflect our approach as a company at the start of its lifecycle.

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Altruistiq's carbon footprint for 2021 is 46 tCO2e
Measured our current impact

We use our own product to map our entire carbon footprint. In 2021, it was 46 tC02e. This table shows a high level breakdown of our 2021 footprint, mapped against the GHG protocol scope structure which enables easy external data reporting in a recognised format.

Offset all our emissions

Altruistiq has committed to neutralising all of its emissions through high integrity, quality assured removal offsets. We invest in the reforestation project Forestal el Arriero in Paraguay and the UK based carbon mitigation and biodiversity project Gameshope Loch.

Developed a strategy to improve our impact on every business front

Our sustainability strategy outlines our vision, what we want to achieve and how we will get there. As our company name suggests, altruism is at the heart of what we do. We are ready to take action and use our business to nurture a happier and healthier planet.

Altruistiq helps some of the world’s largest companies improve the sustainability of their business. This objective is no less relevant for companies at the start of their lifecycle - like Altruistiq itself.

Saif Hameed, CEO